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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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lot easier. >> reporter: the regents said they had little choice. that state lawmakers put uc in a hole. newsom voted against the increase. >> here we are putting once again t that nail in the coffin of the middle class because that's exactly who gets hurt in this debate. >> reporter: newsom also blamed sacramento for the uc crisis. >> there's nobody else from the state government here. so i'm going the get -- at you. earlier about 15 students dressed in disney costumes to protest tax breaks they say disney receives, taxes that could help education. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> get in more debt, i have to get my education. >> reporter: most students students won't be any fees. what increase will do to students here at uc berkeley.
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rob roth, ktvu channel two news. the cost of an education at the university of california has shot up in recent years. after staying under $300 for decades the fees started to decline briefly after 1970. campus fees by 1985 were more than 1,300. in 1985 students paid more than $4,100 a year. in 2005 the fees were $5,800. tuition is now more than $12,000 a year. a controversial bill became law today to include lessons on gays in their textbooks.
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fire crews are looking the aftermath of a fire. flames broke out at the altamont farm. the fire was first reported shortly after noon today. it was contained about 3:30, power lines were in danger for a time but there was no threat disruptured. gusty winds in the area made fighting this fire even tougher. we have a live picture now to show you in the past hour, san francisco firefighters put out a two alarm fire at an apartment complex in the city's precidio heights neighborhood. it was at 9300 heather avenue. as you can see here from this live picture on the ground firefighters are still at the scene. at this point there are no reports of any injuries. it's a quiet neighborhood and that may be why it was picked. a burning body found right in the middle of street in the rock ridge area of oakland early this morning. ktvu's mike mibach is here now and tells us where the investigation stands tonight. >> i just got off the phone with oakland police, still no
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arrests and as of right now no i. d on the body. a body that was discovered here on the street of a multi million dollar gated home. >> it's period, kind of creepy because we don't really hear about it. >> reporter: a street lined with multi million dollars homes and security systems, this morning it was the scene of a tragic incident. >> it's an unusual crime. >> reporter: a resident called police to report a burning body in the middle of the street. police say the body, locate just 50 yards away from highway 24 appears to have been dumped in the rock ridge neighborhood. and that the female victim had suffered some type of trauma before she was burned. the cause of death is still under investigation. >> right now, i just cannot get into it, i don't want to talk about those details. i only want a few people
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intimately involved to be aware of those details. >> 5:00 in the morning police knocked on my door. >> reporter: janet winestine says she did not hear or see anything unusual early this morning. >> very sad, very scary. that people would do such an awful thing. yeah. and the police said they picked this neighborhood because it was quiet. >> reporter: as part of its investigation police say it is reviewing missing person cases. while they await the coroner to identify the woman. reporting live here in oakland, mike mibach. b.a.r.t.'s board of director expressed frustration today with the pace of investigation in the fatal shooting of one of its officers. they say they still don't know basic pieces of evidence. including what security cameras caught before the shooting. how an officer suffered cuts in
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his hand and what race the officer is. >> it makes it frustrating to say we can't say. because it's very reminiscent of what happened with us in the oscar grant case, no one would say anything. ktvu news is learning more information about hill's previous encounters with police. on the ktvu news at 6:00, our david stevenson joins us with what the police chief did not know until we brought it to his attention. police are investigating whether a driver of a uc bus was -- the accident happened just a few blocks from where highway 101 becomes octavia. >> it's a fast moving freeway
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going through a residential street. it's usual little pretty scary. >> reporter: ucsf says 15 people were on board the shuttle at the time of the crash. three passengers and the driver suffered minor injuries. the big rig's driver was not hurt. authorities are trying to figure out if it was the shuttle driver who ran a red light causing that accident. at this hour another round of white house meetings is under way to try to resolve the debt ceiling dispute. there's new word in just the past hour of a possible bipartisan compromise in the works. that comes after a testy exchange between the president and a republican the last night. >> we have been in this fight together. any suggestion that the role that eric has played in these meetings has been anything less than helpful is wrong. >> reporter: house speaker john
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boehner rushed to defend eric canter. canter pushed the president so much that the president called out, eric don't call my bluff. >> this is for laws that are due for preexisting obligations such as social security, like the troops we have on the field. like our border security agents, our fbi agents. >> tonight there are reports that the democratic and republican leaders are working on a compromise. it would give the president more authority to raise the debt ceiling and pave the way for more spending cuts. our washington, d.c. reporter scott mcfarlane sat down with the president today. you asked the president directly about that testy exchange last night. >> reporter: i did, asked the president if he did storm out of that meeting last night. did you abruptly walk out of negotiations yesterday? is that story right? >> no at the end of the
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meeting, what i said to the group was, what i think the american people feel which is, we have a responsibility to do the right thing. >> reporter: the president also called for federal spending cuts. after a question about school teachers, mr. obama took some cuts off the table. >> 12,600 education jobs lost locally last month alone. that's from the labor department. i'm wondering if these cuts are not going to throw the education system into a deeper hole. >> we can make some cuts to programs that don't work anymore but we have to make sure we're still funding education. >> reporter: he would not rule out raising the age for social security. >> you cannot ask for cuts on working people who have not seen a raise for sometimes a decade and can't ask for
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anything from folks like myself who can afford to do a little bit more. >> people cannot sell their houses, they cannot refinance their houses. sports leagues are locked out. is america stressed out? >> there's no doubt that america is stressed out right now. we've gone through the worse economic crisis since the great depression. and that's why it's so important for us to get this thing settled now. >> reporter: just 20 days till the deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. perhaps no surprise the president is doing a media blitz. not just an interview with us. he has a media appearance tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. live tonight scott mcfarlane, ktvu news. >> if you would like to watch scott mcfarlane's entire interview with president obama, you can go to our website
5:10 pm and click on the obama interview story. superior court presiding judge katherine feinstein's office says notices will be mailed out on monday. in additional to the lay offs 25 courtrooms are also expected to close because of state budget cuts. the court is facing a deficit of more than $13.5 million. judge feinstein has scheduled a news conference for monday to discuss how these cuts will affect the public. new figures released today show the bay area saw a boost in home sales. real estate tracking firm data quick says that almost 3,000 homes were sos last month. that's up 15% from last month. activity was still slower than a year ago. down 5% from roughly 8,400 sales in june of 2010. the median price for a home was also down from $410,000 last year to about $377,000 this year. it was a volatile day on wall street today.
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stocks began the session on a high note but earlier gains were wiped out after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said the central bank had no immediate banks to step in. in the end the dow fell more than 53 points, the nasdaq dropped 43 points. there's word that san francisco giant fan bryan stow is showing more signs of improvement. stow's family has posted a new message saying the 42-year-old is now opening his mouth by himself when it's time to check his temperature. stow is enjoying television in his hospital room. stow is being treated at san francisco general. the girlfriend of the prime suspect in the stow beating case has been arrested in las vegas on robbery chargeless. denise piccione has pled guilty to position of a danger weapon
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and theft of meth. she is being considered a suspect in the case. her boyfriend giovanni ramirez is a prime suspect but has not been charged in the case. the case of roger clemens came to a surprising end today when the judge declared a mistrial. >> i appreciate if y'all would let me walk home now. thank you. >> reporter: the former star pitcher seemed subdued. his attorney had asked the crime for a mistrial when the jurors had heard some inadmissible evidence. they heard a congressman talking about the wife of andy pettitte. a hearing will determine if there will be a new trial. the rainbow flag goes hand in hand with the lgbt community. but do you know what it stand
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for? new students will know. and tomorrow's forecast includes more fog. you might need the jackets along the coast. i'll show you the cities that will be the coolest for your friday.
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california is making history tonight with the decision to add the contributions of gays to the textbooks used in classrooms up and down our state. paul chambers is in san francisco, you're in a neighborhood that's almost synonymous with gay rights. >> we're in the castro, this is the home of human rights campaign. a lot of history goes on in this area which people are not familiar with. but come two years from now your kids will learn about it in the classroom. students will learn about famous lgbt people including harvey milk. san francisco's first openly
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gay politician. this comes after governor jerry brown signed a bill requiring that gay and lesbian history should be thought in the classroom. >> their story should be told too. >> i think it's very important to learn not just the elite or the whites. >> reporter: that will make california the first in the nation to require lgbt history in the classroom. >> we have been censoring a very important history. >> reporter: some churches and conservative groups believe that the hgbt history is one way that the kids will be thought in school. >> teach history without an agenda. just teach straight history. each individual is accredited for what they established. >> reporter: still others learn learning about the
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contribution, the history is needed and it might help people to be more tolerant. >> it may improve people how they feel about them once we learn about their contributions. >> reporter: the law will not only teach the contributions from the lgbt community, but also of the disabled community. it's up to each school to determine how they will teach their curriculum. i'm paul chambers, ktvu news. a sink hole caused caltrans to close lanes today. the hole spread under the center divider near west virginia street. workers crawled into the hole to get a better idea of how to fix it. caltrans reopened the lanes within the last hour just in time for the evening commute. agency officials say the sink hole was probably caused by traffic vibrations and large trucks carrying heavy loads. down in southern california, some people are calling it carmaggedon. that's the khro sure of a 10- mile stretch of interstate 405
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also known as the san diego freeway -- that's the closure of a 10-mile stretch of interstate 405. on a normal weekend a half million cars would pass through there. firefighters will be stationed around that area to respond to any emergencies. to help out jet blue offered tickets for $4. jet blue will fly between long beach airport and burbank airport at the distance of just 37 miles. on a good day a driver could make that trip in 45 minutes the same amount of time the flights will take. the tickets sold out yesterday in just three hours. santa cruz has won a spot on national geographic of the best boardwalks. the santa cruz boardwalks is one of the last seaside amusement parks. santa cruz won praise for its
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giant dipper, it's classic carusel and its free concerts. people had their bones rattled by that wooden coaster. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin, you know that coaster well. >> north of town we had a lot of fog today. but look how quickly and rapidly it's cleared out. if you're in half-moon bay you're just getting rid of those jackets right now. hoodies this morning but now jury in short sleeves as the sun is try -- but now you're in short sleeves. right now we're tracking this weather system to the north of us. looks like not much. but as it gets closer to us and moves further away, the weather changes. as we move into the weekend, it moves further away and
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temperatures increase. we're going to get a break starting tomorrow. for the morning you have a little bit of drizzle possible. because it's been the standard all week with this heavy fog bank. fog will burn off rapidly tomorrow. that begins the temperature increase in your neighborhood. so you're going from jackets to t-shirts, maybe sweatshirts out at the beach. so not as cool as it has been. drizzle will become a distant memory. we head toward your bay area weekend. we're talking about temperatures in the low 50s, the fog will come rushing in tomorrow night. it's not as hardy. so we'll erode away more rapidly tomorrow. so i'm expecting rapid clearing tomorrow. with daytime highs easily into the 70s for most of us. here's the computer model. it pushes the fog well inland by midnight tonight. there's that fog footprint. very much like last night and the night before. as we put the model in motion through the morning hour, there's your 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m.
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look. fog, and watch this, this is the shot. it goes away. that fog rapidly clears back to the coast by 3:00 p.m. more rapid than today and daytime highs will be warmer. i come back in about 15 minutes, i'm going to have the forecast for the city where you live. we're going to watch those temperatures start to come up. we'll show you the warmest cities and we look into the weekend. which is just around the corner. in texas overnight there was a stampede but this one did not involve cattle this one involved people. these folks in dallas, hundreds of them watch this raced to get on a waiting list for low income housing vouchers. it's if first time in five years that dallas county has opened a list to new people. as many as eight people were injured in that stampede. organizers say they never expected the people would camp out for 10 hours waiting for those doors to open. >> i see ambulances there too. the way your vote is counted for the white house could change before the next election. also rudy giuliani is weighing in on the race for president.
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why he says the candidate to beat president obama is in and is not out there yet. and why a family of a veteran killed in combat felt the country was disrepresenting their loved one. we're taking a look at how people are lashing out against increased fees. plus, we've been following the latest b.a.r.t. shooting very closely. now, we're learning new information about the man shot by police. also, the casey anthony trial pushing california to create a new law. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area news coverage. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it.
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how california awards its electoral votes could change by next year's presidential
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election. the law would not take effect though until enough other states also passed it to add up to a majority of the electoral votes. that would guarantee the popular vote winner would also win the electoral vote. the measure now goes to the state assembly. former new york major rudy giuliani says he is not convinced the declared field of candidates can beat president obama. giuliani says he will make a final decision in late august. ktvu had a chance to be part of space history today. we spoke live with the astronauts on board shuttle atlantis as they began their final week of the spacecraft's final mission. >> when we were all younger we dreamed of being astronauted. it seemed like a remote idea.
5:26 pm
it's an honor to be part of any space shuttle crew, but this one especially because it's the last one. >> they have been busy on this trip bringing supplies and equipment to the international space station. and also packing up the shuttle with a final load of trash and broken parts to carry back to earth. but they took a little time today to reflect on the end of this shuttle era. >> we're just very busy up here and i think it's going to hit us a little bit harder once we land there at the cape and have to say goodbye to atlantis for the last time. >> we'll reflect back and we'll realize that the space shuttle has completed its mission and it's not a time for sadness, it's a time for celebration. it's has a storied 30 year career and we're very proud of it. >> wolhime also said space is an amazing place. and once the cost comes down, he hopes everyone, not just astronauts will have an opportunity to blast off. you can see the entire
5:27 pm
interview with those astronauts on our website just go to and click on video on demand. former first lady betty ford was buried today next to her husband gerald in the presidential museum in grand rapids, michigan. bety ford was a much loved public figure. people had a chance to pay their respects last night and this morning at the museum. while in the white house, she shared her battle with breast cancer and later her battle with drug and alcohol addition. she established the betty ford center in california. a veteran comes home to california, his family had to deal with more pain than they expected. small mom and pop retail businesses collect sales taxes. why should internet giants like amazon lawmakers say amazon's attempt to stop a new law will fail.
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somber moments as a bay area soldier comes home to the bay area after he loses his life in combat in afghanistan. just more than a week ago here we first reported the combat death of a california soldier. the family is making plans for his funeral. robert handa live in daily city with the conflict they face in making those plans as well as the resolution, robert. >> reporter: gasia, it was a very emotional day for the family with additional pain added. they are here at the mortuary ready to pay respects but they
5:31 pm
felt disrepresent from the state of california. the army staff sergeant and former marine from san jose known as nick died in combat july 6th. enemy forces attacked his unit with a rocket propelled grenade in afghanistan. his proud father says hi wants his son to be remembered as a strong loving man and a patriot. >> as a soldier he was a great soldier. he made a promise to make sure that he sent all his men home. and because of it, he took his life for them. >> reporter: escorted by the patriot guard riders, the san mateo county department, family members told us they were angry because the military informed them california flags would not be at half staff for his funeral service on monday because the state lowered flags this past tuesday once the governor's officer was notified of his death. >> it's not like there's thousands of soldiers going
5:32 pm
down. you know, my son, i mean he's like the one. and they can't get that one right. >> reporter: we informed the governor's office about the family's concern and got a quick response. >> fortunately we weren't aware until you reported it and we are happy to fly the flags on monday. the day of his funeral. somebody who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our state and for our nation. we're absolutely happy to do so. >> reporter: the family said it is grateful and can now concentrate on saying their goodbyes to nick. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. help could be on the way for veterans with mental illnesses. state prison officials are invest investigating the sexual assault of a nurse. officials tell ktv u it
5:33 pm
happened in an area where inmates receive medical assistance. they say they're not ruling out the possibility that more than one inmate was involved. it appears that the former acting chief of san francisco's police department is now headed across the bay to join oakland's police board. oakland says he plans to hire jeff godown as the deputy chief. godown has already been offered the job pending a background check. he took the job of acting chief when gascon became the new district attorney. union carpenters rallied today in san francisco. they are demanding that a new hospital project get under way soon. >> union workers say negotiation over the rebuilding of california union pacific center are just taking too long. right now the city and hospital
5:34 pm
are discussing the project. the protesters said today it is time to get the shovels in the ground. >> this is private investment that's going to put people to work in san francisco, they're going to be able to feed their families, pay the rent, buy grocery, that money is going to circulate through the economy. >> reporter: cpmc is working to seismically upgrade at campuses. the fight to collect taxes from online purchase purchases is heating up. it could mean millions of the dollars for our state but it would all start with more money coming out of your pocket. ken pritchett live in sacramento with what's happening today. >> reporter: that shop across the street with the surfboard up front is a brick and mortar shop. often pitted into battle with websites like amazon. today lawmakers said their bill that would tax business like amazon and amazon's fight
5:35 pm
against it, well they say that's unconstitutional. tiki mugs, tiki salt shakers and shirts, the store is called swanburgs on jay. a store that of course collects tax states. >> it was 7.5. it's a big hunk of money. >> reporter: owner longston says it's unfair he collects taxes and others do not. but he's not why his laid back store was chosen for a press conference. >> i'm here today because california will not be bullied by amazon. >> reporter: assemblywoman lindsay skinner brought up the bill. >> we're looking at 500 million to a billion a year once all internet retailers are really collecting the sales tax on california purchases. >> reporter: but amazon is backing a new referendum to let voters not lawmakers decide on
5:36 pm
internet taxes. saying in a statement californians deserve a voice. in the meantime, small business will wait out a fight to see if the playing field is leveled as they see it. >> it might make a little difference in sales. might increase five or 10%. >> if even the low end estimates are correct, $500 million a year the fight over the collection of internet taxes is significant considering that uc raised tuition fees after losing $650 million in the latest budget passed last month. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. an online music service popular in europe is providing oakland based pandora with some new competition. spotafi greeted americans with a message, hello america,
5:37 pm
spotafi today. the service gives people the choices. spotafi says it has $10 million. pandora said today it has 100 million users. it upheld the plastic bag ban. saying the city filed to fail a report showing how the increased use of paper bags would affect the environment. but the supreme court says that common sense shows that the change would not hurt the environment and that the study was not necessarily. stranded in midair, how long this window washer waited before anyone everyone noticed that he was stuck. find out who's helping to pay for a critical upgrade at san jose airport.
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if you thought your day at work was rough today it was probably nothing compared to what the seattle window washer endure. he dangled there more than six stories above the ground for 60 minutes before anyone even knew he was in trouble. everyone eventually as you can see here firefighters got to him and helped him down. there's word that a mother
5:41 pm
accused of microwaving her newborn to death is pregnant again. outside of court today, friends and family members said that yang has revealed that she is now less than three months pregnant. yang's attorney says her client is suffering from a number of illnesses. >> she has many medical as well as psychological issues that need to be addressed. >> reporter: yang already has three other children who are being cared for by her grandparents. the federal aviation administration is giving mantea airport $57 million to pay for improvements. the entire project will cost $55 million it should wrap up in 2014. tv adds that sell sugary
5:42 pm
cereals and drinks are now -- a new study suggests that a placebo affect can help patients suffering of asthma. researchers looked at several groups of asthma patients. some are received medicine and some received only a placebo. they found the amount of improvement was the same. people who regularly drink hot coffee or tea may be less likely of the carriers superbug mrsa. scientists studied more than 5,000 americans. people in the survey who drank hot tea or coffee were half as likely to have mrsa in their nose. the people are less likely to be carries but may still
5:43 pm
contract the disease. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, what it means for your household if you get one in the mail. back here in less than 10 minute, your weekend is just around the corner, i'll let you know if you need jackets or not. new at 6:00, netflix is getting under people's skin. we'll show you how people are slashing out against increases. plus we've been following the b.a.r.t. shooting very closely. also, the casey anthony trial pushing california to create a new law. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area news coverage.
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5:45 pm
authorities evacuated homes in central san jose after a car crashed into a house and knocked lose the gas meter. it happened about 9:15 in east
5:46 pm
st. john's street. by late morning, pg & e hat shut the gas of the house and folks were allowed to go back home. no one was injured and the home was not badly damaged. some residents are getting a confusing postcard. it all has to do with the downsizing of cash strapped postal system. you've been looking into what this all means tom. tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: if you get one of these, this means your postal service is in for some big changes. nothing mailed any where gets any where without the nation's near 600,000 postal workers, a third of them letter carriers. since lower letter volume requires less people, this puts many customers on notice that their service is about to change. >> they may not see the same carrier that they're used to seeing every single day. that also means they may not get their delivery at the same time of day that they were used to getting it. >> the reason the postal
5:47 pm
service can downsize some of its routs is because of this new machinery. there are four here in san jose. each one the size of a football field. >> that work had to be done by 224 people. as a result of this new technology it takes 20 people to do the same work. >> reporter: so letters carriers used to hours to sorting mail, now only takes them 15 pháeups 15 minutes to pick it up. >> i would not care if i get my mail in the morning or more toward the evening. >> i expect checks or something important in the mail at a certain time. i need to get it to the bank. so yeah it would be a big deal. >> i have lots of things to do and i like to get my mail early so i can get through it and see if i have bills to pay. >> reporter: but all of them say they worry for their letter carriers. >> i would just be concerned about those people who are losing their jobs. >> there's nothing like a mailman. rain or shine. >> no one loses their job, no
5:48 pm
one losing the mail delivery. >> reporter: and that's because enough postal workers now leave or retire the system that employees can be reassigned without lay offs. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. teams of mental health experts are being dispatched to figure out how to reduce wait times for suicidal veterans. that is one of the steps being taken to improve how the va tales with mental health patients dva deals with mental health patients. >> that was the only thing that i could face to take away the pain. >> reporter: according to the v.a. almost 4,000 veterans are being treated for ptsd at va hospitals in san francisco and palo alto. a suspected picasso thief
5:49 pm
may also be an art fan. the new evidence police say this isn't the first time the man has lifted expensive art work. and netflix announces an increase. why some say could hurt their bottom line. the m n murder trial captured national attention. now the death of a 2-year-old girl caylee anthony pay prompt changes right here in california. these stories and much more coming up at 6:00. a new study suggests that being on top of a higher archy may prove more costly than first thought, at least in baboons. alpha males had same stress hormones as lowest members of their troop. some walking into the
5:50 pm
station this afternoon and i saw somebody looking up into the sky and i said, what are you looking at and they said the sun. it's the first time i've seen it in days. >> the sun did come out this afternoon. you will see more sun on your friday. this is the isotherm map. i just want you to look at the central valley. those should be bright red temperature colors. instead you're looking at sacramento at just 80 degrees. let me update this and get you the latest. yeah, still 80 degrees in sacramento. you can see that very cool finger of air. see the greens and the yellows, that's the fog that's been pushing in through the avenues of san francisco really all week. what a different week it has been. the week before we were out there in shorts, and flip-flops and this week folks running around the avenue in down jackets and hoods. the forecast highs tomorrow will be slightly warmer.
5:51 pm
your bay area weekend, less fog and warmer still. but not hot. not above average temperatures. just close to average to where we should be as we move into your bay area weekend. the area system i'm tracking to the north, this system, there it is right there. that's enough to trigger the fog at the coast. this low as it sits just to the north of us as it drops down has been cooling us off. you know what it's going to do. it's going to start going north again. i'm expecting this system to pull a lot of this fog away. more sunshine, increasing temperatures. the microclimates. more 60s out toward treasure island. mid-60s and lower 70s out toward orinda and lafayette. you're seeing temperatures into the upper 70s. i don't think we'll see any 80s tomorrow. warmer than it has been and that's the trend. san jose downtown. fog in the morning and then
5:52 pm
sunny and a slight bit warmer. 71degrees in downtown san jose. we have good air quality, with this weather pattern less with the fog and the on shore wind. you know what else i'm talking about, it's fire danger. we're not talking about it now because this pattern has been very helpful in reducing the fire danger. you're looking at forecast highs. now you're looking at your five day forecast with your week end weekend always in view. you see those lower tier numbers, they should just get warmer. the magic of turning imagination into money. harry potter is back. hear how young people feel like in the last debut with the wizard they grew up with.
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in just about six hours from now potter mania will officially hit here in the bay area. the final chapter of the boy wizard story begins tonight at midnight with the opening of harry potter and the deathly hollows part two. >> i read every single english book and the chinese book. and i watched every single movie. >> seems like everyone is wild about harry potter. his biggest fans already had tickets in hand for tonight's midnight premier. many were young kids just learning to read when the books first came out.
5:56 pm
and as young adults they are still devoted followers. >> i think they are great stories. kid can be able to live in their own fantasy world and be able to experience things that aren't here in reality. i think the author is brilliant. >> i'm going the tell my kids about this and i'm going to make them read it and watch this. they're going to have the experience it's just never going to be this again. >> reporter: harry potter already has shattered box office records. the movie took in $43.6 million in 26 countries when it opened yesterday. for a look at all things harry including a viewers guide to the harry potter saga you can go to our website then click on the harry potter tab. coming up in just 90 seconds. it's a trail that stretches from connecticut to san francisco civic center, what we learned about the man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police at this station. an early morning report of a fire turned into a homicide
5:57 pm
investigation. the fear some rock ridge residents are feeling tonight as police look for a killer.
5:58 pm
empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store. police said they picked this neighborhood because it was quiet. a grizzly early morning
5:59 pm
discovery has turned this neighborhood into a crime scene. few questions tonight about the death of this man. we uncover the trouble he got into with police in the past. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. b.a.r.t. officials are taking a closer look at the fatal shooting of that man on the civic center platform. ktvu's david stevenson ask live now in san francisco with the legal trouble that man faced, charles hill. david. >> reporter: julie, documents we obtained this morning recalls another violent incident hill faced at this b.a.r.t. station. on the fatal shooting of 45- year-old charles hill by b.a.r.t. police, the


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